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Additional Learning Needs

St Robert’s Catholic Primary School is an inclusive school where all staff are committed to the success of every pupil and the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum.  All children are valued, respected and welcomed to our school, whatever their additional educational needs may be. We support children’s learning and aim to ensure they are fully included in all school activities.  Through our assessment practises we are able to identify the needs of pupils and plan on how to best address these.  We work closely with a wide range of outside experts.  An integral part of our work in supporting the needs of all pupils is our partnership with parents, carers and families.   

ALNet Bill -Background

Since September 2022 a new ALNet (Additional Learning needs and Educational Tribunal) Act has been statutory, replacing the previous SEN (Special Educational Needs) code of practise and changing the the Welsh Government approach to supporting children who may have difficulties in learning. 

This Act will:

A unified plan -Individual development plans (IDPs) are a new unified plan which ensure consistency and continuity, and that provision  and rights are protected regardless of the severity or complexity of needs.


Increased participation and having a voice - Children, their parents/carers and young people will be supported to understand and participate in the decisions which are taken that affect them, provided with appropriate reassurance, and offered opportunities to raise concerns and have their questions answered.


A simpler and less adversarial system – If a child, their parents/carers or a young person is not happy with the decisions that have been made about their ALN or IDP by a school, they may request that the local authority reviews or reconsiders the decision.


Improved collaboration- The new system will support a strong focus on collaboration between families, children the school and services involved in the planning and delivering of ALN support. 


What to do if you have a concern

If you, as parent/carer, have a concern about your child regarding possible additional learning needs, the first contact point should be the class teacher.  You can either contact them using Class Dojo or make an appointment to speak in person with them.  Your child’s class teacher will collate information and look at ways in which your child can be further supported in the classroom.  If, as a school, we feel there are possible additional learning needs you will be contacted by the school ALNco (Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator) Mrs Murphy who will meet with you to discuss these further and start to put together an Individual Development Plan. 

Further Information for Parents and children


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